July 15-23, 2019: Colorado School of Mines and UNSA researchers completed first round of field work
Seven researchers from the Colorado School of Mines joined ten researchers from UNSA to begin field work on several projects related to geologic hazards evaluation, mine ventilation, water quality, mine stability monitoring, and beneficial use of mine tailings.  We worked together in the Siguas Valley (Pedegral area), the Ocoña Valley (Secocha, Alto Molino, and San Juan de Chorunga areas), the Rio Chili Valley (Congata and Huaico areas), and in Mollehuaca.

July 24, 2019: UNSA and Colorado School of Mines Formal Signing Ceremony


CSM President Paul Johnson and UNSA President Rohel Sanchez Sanchez formally signed the agreement between both universities, which have established our Center for Mining Sustainability that will apply data-driven, interdisciplinary science, technology and innovation to help chart a new course toward a sustainable future, with the aim of becoming an international benchmark for research in sustainable mining. 

Mines President Paul C. Johnson, Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer Stefanie Tompkins and Mines faculty traveled to Arequipa for a ceremony with UNSA officials to finalize the partnership.

MAY 8, 2019: Center leaders meet with UNSA investigators in Arequipa to launch team collaborations

Please check back again soon for news about the Center for Mining Sustainability, A Partnership with Arequipa.


Paul Santi

Professor, Colorado School of Mines
Co-Director – Center for Mining Sustainability

Henry Gustavo Polanco Cornejo

Dean, School of Process Engineering, UNSA
Co-Director – Center for Mining Sustainability